We are pleased to announce that IVIDA is improving its technology by installing our complete InvoxContaxt Advanced Contact Center solution and our PBX system to optimize its telephony system and increase in efficiency.

From now on, workers will be able to enjoy the advantages offered by our products, such as intelligent routing based on multiple criteria, voiceover management, schedule and calendar management, advanced management of waiting queues, real-time call recording, multi-conferencing, and many more that you can discover here.

About IVIDA:

IVIDA is a cord blood bank belonging to IVI, the largest reproductive medicine group in the world, where more than 160,000 children have been conceived. IVI is the only Spanish cord blood bank that collects, analyzes, processes, cryopreserves and stores stem cells from umbilical cord blood, with the guarantee that it will be managed entirely by company employees, without the need for intermediaries. This bank has numerous FACT-Netcord accreditations and commits itself to the families to store only umbilical cord blood that is of sufficient quality for possible use.