The telephony solution for Zoho CRM you were waiting for.

The integration of Zoho CRM and Zinvox helps to improve your customers’ experience by using the incoming call notification display, click-dialling and the automatic recording of calls received and made. You can further personalise management, thus increasing customer loyalty and avoiding lost business opportunities.


  • Integrated with PhoneBridge
  • Integrated with the Zoho CRM customer data sheet
  • It receives and makes calls
  • Availability of national, international and toll-free numbering
  • Call log
  • Multi-device
  • Straightforward installation
  • Pay per use

Hiring process

Numintec is making integration with Zoho CRM available to its clients. This solution permits a 100% integration of its telephony system with their Zoho CRM.

How can I hire Numintec?

If you do not have your telephony with Numintec yet, you can hire our services by telephone or by email.

A Telecommunications Engineering expert will explain all the benefits of having your telephony in the cloud and what you need to be able to hire us.

Telephone number: Barcelona (+34 935 475 858) or Madrid (+34 917 941 314)
E-mail: zinvox@numintec.com

Contact: https://zinvox.com/#contactar

What do I have to do to enable integration with Zoho CRM?

Tell the Numintec personnel that you want to enable Zoho CRM. Our personnel will ask you for the necessary information to be able to activate integration.

Linking Numintec to Zoho

Proceed as follows to link your Numintec agent to your Zoho CRM user name:

  1. The Numintec agent will access through the https://agent1.invoxcontact.com platform with your Numintec user name.
  2. Once the agent has accessed your platform, the integration options available will be displayed.

a. ClickToCall
This option enables the option to be able to call through your CRM in Zoho CRM. Once this system has been enabled, Zoho CRM will provide a button they can use to make calls to their Zoho CRM clients.

b. Phonebridge
This option enables Phonebridge in your Zoho CRM, which will display the windows associated with the call in your CRM. The PhoneBridge system shows the agent the information related to the customer that is calling at the moment and allows them to perform the relevant actions in their Zoho CRM. 

The first time that the user enables one of the 2 options, a new browser window will open where they will be prompted to provide the relevant permissions with Zoho.

If the user has not opened a session in Zoho they will be prompted to do so.

Once inside, they will be prompted to provide the necessary permissions to integrate the Numintec telephony system with Zoho CRM.

Once the permissions have been accepted, the user’s telephony system will have been integrated. To enable both options, click on the 2 links provided.



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