Truly convergent and natively mobile solutions


All-in-one platform

Mix and match fixed and mobile as you want. It’s your call!

Todo en una plataforma
Virtual Operator

Numintec is a registered MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) and it runs over the main mobile networks to guarantee optimal coverage and availability.

Fixed-mobile convergence

Forget about the differences in between you landline and mobile. Set up your mobile subscriptions, get statistics and control spending from our admin portal.


Simplify mobile provisioning with the new generation of SIM cards. Easily generate eSIMs and allow users to keep their device by using Dual SIM.

*Available soon.

Integrated solutions

Numintec’s platform has been designed to mix and match fixed and mobile however you want. You choose.


Use your mobile number as an object to configure ACD. For example, you can configure a schedule for your sales staff and route calls to a backup queue when they are outside working hours.

Mobile switchboard

Turn you mobile into an extension like any other and make calls at company cost. You can assign a short number, add it to queues, transfer and record calls, and much more.

Mobile contact center

Your agents can be available without being at the office (or even at home) and supervisors can still keep control over operations.


Stay on top of what is happening with your mobiles. Analyse how they are being used and control your spend.

Call recording

Record and store all conversations, including those made from mobile phones.

Voice or data? It’s all the same!

No more worries about where you are getting your calls from.
Mobile and fixed telephony via cellular, PSTN, VoIP y VoLTE with the same features and in the same place.

Voz o Datos? Es igual.
Mobile network

Make the most of our extensive 3G/4G/5G coverage and make calls using your mobile, fixed or corporate numbers.

Unlimited calls

Relax your cost control. Our licenses include unlimited national calls.


Use your mobile in any EU country as if you were at home. Calls, SMS and data usage are covered by your domestic contract.

Focus on your business

We’ll take care of the complex issues of mobile telephony, leaving you free to focus on your business.

Port in

Coming to Numintec? Just need to arrange date and time, and we’ll take it from there.

WhatsApp Business API

We help you to navigate the complexities of implementing the WhatsApp API to use it as a customer service channel.


Unify your point of contact and forget about dealing with several providers to manage your services.

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