Contact Center

Features for exceeding your customers’ expectations.

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Get your calls through to the right person

Connect to the right people as soon as possible and speed up response times
to keep your customers happy and reduce churn.

Haz llegar tus llamadas a la persona adecuada
Interactive Voice Response

Create personalised menus and allow customers to interact with your system using voice commands and DTMF tones. Find out if it is a customer, the reason for their call or the language they speak before connecting them with an agent.


Configure call distribution by designing flows in just a few clicks, using objects that allow bringing together data from different sources.


Gain visibility over your workforce and its performance. Improve your flows, calculate occupancy rate and get the very most out of your resources.

Effective and efficient teams

Keep your teams focused and productive by giving them tools that help them do their best.


Provide your agents with carefully scripted guides to help them navigate ambiguous or unclear situations, reduce errors and provide accurate answers..

Call monitoring

Allow contact center supervisors to listen to agents’ calls in real time to identify areas of improvement and provide bespoke training.


Get feedback on every call. Configure satisfaction surveys at the end of each interaction to get feedback from your customers and implement quality management tools without involving your agents.

Equipos eficaces y eficientes

Reach your customers faster and better

Converting more customers doesn’t mean making more calls, it means making better calls!
Drive your outbound strategy forward and boost your campaigns using the right dialer.

Llega a tus clientes más rápido y mejor

Connect available agents with available customers. Only make calls when you have an available agent and reduce time spent on dialing manually.


Only make calls once agents are ready to handle them. Enable them to prepare by displaying the customers’ information beforehand and increase your success ratios by personalising interactions.


Make a pre-determined amount of calls to hand-off to agents as soon as they are available to reduce their wait time.

Your contact center from scratch

Leverage our Professional Services team’s expertise to design, deploy and optimize your contact center


Over 20 years’ experience at your disposal


What you want, the way you want it


Develop your team’s skills

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