Solutions for

Contact Center Managers

Your job is to offer a great customer experience, and the challenges you face are numerous and wide-ranging: high agent turnover, angry customers, and increasingly ambitious targets.

Overcome your obstacles with the right technology

Get the right tools to manage your team, monitor overall performance
and track key indicators to ensure your targets are met.

Happy agents

Highly committed agents are 21% more productive. Increase your customer satisfaction and reduce staff turnover by recognising good performance and identifying training requirements.

High-quality service

Indulge your customers and identify those that need a little more TLC to give them the special treatment they deserve.


Your customers expect cohesive experiences that make them feel cared for. Integrate your business tools, break down data silos and put your customer’s information in hands of your agents.

Cómo Numintec puede ayudar

How Numintec can help

We know the challenges you face and we are right there with you. Our solutions are designed to simplify the complex and cater for the most demanding requirements of contact center managers.

The full picture

Keep up to speed with everything that is happening. Monitor your agents’ performance and your customers’ satisfaction so you can instantly respond to any deviation.

Completely customized

Turn our platform into your tool of choice by adapting it to your teams’ needs and your brand’s personality.

More with less

Identify opportunities to optimise your operations. Automate repetitive tasks, identify your agents’ improvement areas and training requirements.


Your contact center doesn’t need to be confined to a physical location. Give your agents their freedom back by offering them the option to work from any location with an internet connection.

Truly integrated

Make your systems’ information available for everyone by integrating your current business tools with your contact center environment.

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