Unified communications
for the office and remote working


So much more than a switchboard

Integrate your communication channels, improve collaboration, and reduce operational costs.

Mucho mas que una centralita
Single platform

Increase efficiency and regain control bringing together calls, chats and meetings to the same place.


Avoid distractions and boost cohesion between your teams. Collaborate in real time and eliminate the physical barriers to your remote workers.

Forget everything you knew

The switchboard is an outdated concept. Elevate your communications with UC.


Incorporate your mobile subscriptions into your telephony system through fixed-mobile convergence.
Obtain reports and statistics in real time as with any landline.


Save time and money with our admin portal. Reporting, cost control and transparency in a DIY portal for both IT admins and end-users makes it easy.

Pay as you go

Stop making unnecessary commitments. None of our licences are time-bound, and you can cancel them whenever you want.

Trabaja desde donde sea

Work from anywhere

Avoid confining your operations to a physical location. Enable your colleagues and employees to be available from any location and device.

More action, less admin.

You don’t need to adapt. Numintec’s UCaaS platform is flexible and designed to adapt to you.

Smart routing

Quickly connect calls with the right people. Configure ACD and IVR using objects in just a few clicks.

Call recording

Record and store calls however you want. Whether it’s to improve your customer service or to comply with legal regulations, UCaaS has got you covered.


Get real-time statistics and information in a simple, user-friendly interface.
View, export and share in just a few clicks.

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