Classic features tailored to today’s needs


Any device, any network, anywhere

When communication is simple and straightforward, information and ideas flow easily.
Keep your colleagues and customers connected, and allow them to interact whenever, wherever and however they want.

Any device, any network, anywhere

Stop managing infrastructure and save time and money to focus on what really matters: your business.


All of our licences include softphones so you can make and receive calls without need for a desk phone.

Any device

Access from any environment or device. Allow your users to decide how they connect, providing them with a range of options, from WebRTC to mobile apps.

Efficient call distribution

Say goodbye to long waiting times with classical background music.

Smart routing

Create your own rules to get calls through to the right person. Allow your PBX to interact with your databases, CRM or ERP, and use that information to set up routing flows.

Object-based ACD

Automate call distribution by configuring flows through a user-friendly object-based editor.


Configure your queues based on your business needs and department function.
You can enable and disable them automatically using a scheduler, or manually in a single click.

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The classic must-haves

Evolving your communications doesn’t mean you can disregard standard PBX features.

Admin panel

Regain control with our admin portal. Manage users, licences, routing policies, devices and costs through a single, user-friendly interface.


Set up schedules, holidays and opening hours in just a few clicks and tailor them to your business’ operations.

Call recording

Record and store your calls as you want. You can play them directly, download them, schedule batch sends or save them to a cloud repository.


Allow users to establish their state of availability to let other users know how willing and able they are to interact.


Retire your fax machine without closing that channel. Use our fax-to-mail to send and receive faxes directly on your computer.


Set up a personalised voicemail for each user or create shared voicemails for teams.

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