Solutions for

Business Leaders

The business landscape is increasingly complex: markets are saturated, ROI is becoming slower and customers are more demanding. Maximising the synergy between people and technology is seen as the best option for achieving your business goals and increasing your profitability.

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Innovate. Transform. Scale.

Boost your growth by choosing the perfect tools for connecting people and let information flow.


People are your business’ most precious (and costly) resource. Give them the right tools to go beyond your customers’ expectations, measure their performance in real time and identify training needs.


Forget about CAPEX and redirect your operational costs towards technologies that increase your capabilities, boosting profitability and minimising risks.

Happy customers

A new customer can be up to 25 times more expensive than an existing one. Make sure they get the treatment they deserve and turn them into promoters of your brand.

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How Numintec can help

There is no business without customers, and we are just as laser-focused on them as you are. Our solutions are designed to adapt to the needs of your business, your employees, and your brand’s personality, so you can deliver what they expect from you.


Let ideas and information flow through your organisation. Allow your employees to come together in a single environment where they can connect with colleagues and customers.


Throw open the doors to your social networks and use them to interact in a whole new way. Unify all conversations in single screen and service your customers through their channel of choice.


Increase or reduce licences based on your projects and workload so you can always be properly staffed during peak seasons without incurring in financial losses.


Connect your CRM, ERP or ticketing tool with your telephony to unify environments and make the most of your organisation’s data.


Shed a light on what is going on with your phone system. Get reports and build customised dashboards that display your business key indicators.

Business intelligence

Add telephony and customer service data to your business repository to turn it into valuable information that can be used in strategic decision-making.


Leverage the potential of artificial intelligence applied to your business. Automate repetitive tasks and promote self-service to consolidate your FCR.

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