Easy, better and cloud-based company communications

Cloud-based communications

The cloud as a business strategy

Flexibility, agility and pay per use will help your company to optimise its costs and operate more efficiently.
Our cloud-based solutions will give you a cutting-edge, permanently updated, scalable, secure solution with seamless integration into your other management systems.

Applied intelligence

Big Data and Machine Learning at the service of all companies

By embracing artificial intelligence in your business processes, you will be able to improve the degree of attention provided to your clients while optimising your work team’s functions. Besides being able to connect to other systems and devices, such as the social media and intelligent loudspeakers, our solutions will also enable you to detect your clients’ mood in order to manage their needs better. Moreover, you will be able to transcribe all voice conversations, chats and emails in more than 20 languages and analyse them automatically

We are your trusted partner


Assessment, implementation and technical and legal accompaniment in cloud solutions.


Mobile lines, with no time commitments, plus apps to bring all the power of your Contact Centre to your Smartphone and Tablet.


We are global operators and offer you geographic and special numbering in more than 80 countries.


Interact with your clients through your web.


Deploy secure domestic and international SMS (text message) campaigns with guaranteed delivery.


Interact with clients and employees via audio or video conferencing through our cloud-based meeting rooms.

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