Artificial Intelligence

Automation and insights for a smarter contact center

Inteligencia artificial

Optimised experiences for agents and customers

Optimise your resources and increase customer satisfaction by automating repetitive tasks and processes. Boost your agents’ potential by providing them with enhanced information and knowledge that allows them to provide better responses in less time.


Automate time-consuming tasks and encourage self-service.
Give quicker responses to your customers or route them to the right agent.


Increase your ability to solve your customers’ issues and questions on the first contact, so there is no need to follow-up.


Program your bots to answer your customers’ most common questions while freeing up agents to respond to the most profitable or complex interactions.

Natural language

Allow customers to express themselves in their own words, and your systems to understand sophisticated responses.


Call transcription

Maximise your analysis capabilities and transform all your calls into text to turn them into valuable information.

Understand your customers …

Use your recordings to better understand your customers’ needs, identify new opportunities, and adjust your workflows or value proposition.

… and your agents.

Monitor how your agents interact with your customers. Control their performance while identifying best practices and improvement areas.

Transcripción de llamadas

Sentiment analysis

It’s no longer about what your customers say, you know need to know what they mean.
Turn your customers’ mood into one of your KPIs!

Análisis de sentimientos
Patterns & behavior

Focus on learning how your customers behave and why, so you can predict how they will behave in future and improve your service channels.


Establish specific courses of action for specific customers. Route calls from your angry customers to a VIP queue with lower response times or specialist agents, and compensate for bad experiences.

Voice of customer

Improve the accuracy of your surveys and your quality indicators by feeding in data from sentiment analysis that allows for measuring the impact of each interaction.

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