Privacy Policy

Confidentiality and security are core values of NUMINTEC, and, consequently, we are committed to ensuring the privacy of our client’s personal data at all times and to not gathering unnecessary data.

Below, we provide all the necessary information about our Privacy Policy relating to the personal data that we collect, setting out:

  • Who is the data controller for your data.
  • The purposes for which we collect the data that we request from you.
  • What it is the legitimacy for its processing.
  • How long we keep it for.
  • To which recipients is your data communicated.
  • What are your rights?

Who is the data controller of your personal data?


NIF: B63003636

Business name:

C/ Diputación, 279-283, Entlo. 2º

08007 – Barcelona (Spain)


We also inform you that all data may be shared with other companies of the group within the responsibilities that are assigned to each of them:

  • NUMINTELECOM, S.L. with CIF B64809262 and registered office at C/Orense 4 – Floor 2, Office 220
    – 28020 – Madrid (Spain)
  • Numintec Comunicaciones, Lda. with NIF 509225136 and registered office at Avenida da Liberdade, 9 – 5º – 1250-139 – Lisbon (Portugal)
  • TELAVOX AG, with company registration number 556600-7786 and registered office at Stora Varvsgatan 6, SE-211 19 – Malmö (Sweden)

Who will look after your data at NUMINTEC?

The NUMINTEC Data Protection Officer, more commonly known as DPO, will be the guarantor within NUMINTEC for compliance with data protection regulations.

You may contact the NUMINTEC Data Protection Officer at the following address:

Who are the groups of stakeholders?

The personal data processed is that of the following stakeholder groups (stakeholders):

  • Contact persons of our customers and providers
  • Contact persons who have provided us with their data in order to obtain information about our products and services and maintain a commercial relationship.
  • End users of the telephony services that we make available to our customers.

For what purposes and on what legal basis do we use personal data?

At NUMINTEC, we process your personal data in order to be able to perform the contract or provide that service that you have contracted with us.

The personal data processed will be that that:

  • The stakeholders have provided through the corresponding forms
  • Have been generated as a result of the provision of NUMINTEC services or the development of the commercial and trade relationship with our customers.
  • Are managed as part of the services that, as data processer, we provide to our customers, such as, for example, telephone calls logs or the address book.
  • NUMINTEC has obtained through various means described throughout this Privacy Policy

This personal data shall be processed for the purposes indicated below, to the extent that there is a legal basis for each processing.

Formalisation, development and performance of the service contract.

The processing of the Personal Data of the contact persons of our customers is necessary for the conclusion of the contract between NUMINTEC and our customers, as well as for the maintenance, development and performance of the contractual relationship.

As such, NUMINTEC will process the Personal Data of our customers’ contact persons, among others, to manage the commercial and trade relationship with them. As part of the quality management of our services, NUMINTEC shall also be able to process their data to conduct statistical, quality or technical analyses, and even satisfaction surveys.


  • The performance of the service contract
  • Legitimate interest of NUMINTEC for said data processing such as internal administrative purposes, or so that we can better serve your expectations and improve your level of satisfaction as a customer. At NUMINTEC, we consider that it is a reasonable expectation that your data is used so that we can improve the products and services, and so that you can enjoy a better experience as a customer.

Data processing for the provision of services to our customers.

The provision of services that NUMINTEC supplies to its customers requires the processing of personal data that is under the responsibility of our customers, such as, among other things:

  • Call logs, including source and destination numbers, call time and duration.
  • Records of contact lists kept by the users of our services.
  • Call recording when our customers enable this functionality.
  • Chat

The processing of this personal data is carried out in accordance with the stipulations established in our service contract and the contractual terms that we are bound by as data processor.


  • The performance of the service contract
  • Compliance with a legal obligation to which NUMINTEC is subject, such as:
    • Law 9/2014, of 9 May, General Telecommunications (LGT).
    • Law 25/2007, of 18 October, on the retention of data related to electronic communications and public communications networks.
  • Contractual terms governing the relationship as personal data processor.

Managing access to and use of the portal

NUMINTEC may process their personal data for the purposes of managing and providing access to it, as well as ensuring the proper operation of Numintec (service management portal), whether through the web or the application developed to that effect.


  • The performance of the service contract

Compliance with NUMINTEC’s legally mandated obligations.

On certain occasions, NUMINTEC will require to process the personal data of the stakeholders in order to comply with certain legally established obligations. Among other things, NUMINTEC will process the personal data for the purposes of complying with the obligations established in the regulations pertaining to telecommunications, public safety, taxation laws and current regulations pertaining to the protection of personal data.


  • The performance of the service contract
  • Compliance with a legal obligation to which NUMINTEC is subject, such as:
    • Law 9/2014, of 9 May, General Telecommunications (LGT).
  • Law 25/2007, of 18 October, on the retention of data related to electronic communications and public communications networks.
    • Law 58/2003, of 17 December, General Taxation Law.

Investigation and prevention of activities likely to constitute fraudulent use of the services.

Included as part of the services that NUMINTEC provides to its customers are the prevention, detection, investigation and limitation of such activities that may constitute a fraudulent use of the services, such as abusive call use, numbering fraud, etc.

The detection of these activities may involve NUMINTEC’s customers being notified, and, if there are indications that they constitute a criminal activity, the corresponding authorities.


  • The performance of the service contract
  • Compliance with a legal obligation to which NUMINTEC is subject, such as:
    • Law 9/2014, of 9 May, General Telecommunications (LGT).
    • Law 25/2007, of 18 October, on the retention of data related to electronic communications and public communications networks.

The sending of commercial communications via any channel including via email.

NUMINTEC will process personal data to inform and advise those stakeholders who have expressly requested it from us, taking into account your specific interests and requirements in NUMINTEC services. Thus, NUMINTEC will process stakeholders’ personal data in order to send commercial communications, information, events and activities that may be of interest to them in relation to the products and services that we market.


  • The consent of the stakeholder is requested, without, under any circumstances, its withdrawal being conditional on the performance of the service provision contract.

In addition to the above, NUMINTEC may conduct other processing of the personal data in which case the stakeholder will receive the information required in relation to said processing and NUMINTEC will request their consent if so required.

For how long will NUMINTEC keep the data?

It will generally be kept for the time required to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected and to determine the possible responsibilities that might result from said purpose and from the processing of the data.

Among other things, it implies that NUMINTEC will retain the stakeholders’ personal data for the duration of the commercial and contractual relationship between NUMINTEC and its customers and, in any case, it will be kept for the period required for the formulation, exercise or defence of potential claims, in order to comply with legal obligations provided it is permitted by the applicable legislation.

Once the end of the stated period has been reached, NUMINTEC undertakes to cease the processing of all personal data, and duly block it. However, the personal data, especially in the case of usage records, may be retained where necessary for longer periods provided that it is exclusively processed for the purposes of statistical analysis and investigation.

Once the legally statutory period of time has elapsed, we will destroy, block or anonymise the personal data to the extent possible for the purpose for which it is retained.

To whom will we communicate your data?

We will not pass on your personal data to third parties, except if it is necessary to provide you with service, we are covered by a law or it is previously agreed upon with NUMINTEC. We provide you with categories of companies to whom we pass on your data in the Third Parties section.

In order to be able to provide you with an appropriate level of service and manage the relationship that we have with you as a customer, we may communicate your personal data to:

Companies that provide us with services relating to the ordinary or administrative activity of the company as data processor, national or international, as part of the provision of services such as, among others, email service providers, web hosting services, SaaS mode management application services, cloud file archiving and others.

The provision of these services may involve the processing of personal data on the part of companies located in countries outside the European Economic Area (international data transfers), in which case it is only performed when the countries offer an adequate level of protection, or, in the case of US entities that are certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield Decision (EU) 2016/1250 of the Commission, on 12 July 2016.

  • Telecommunications network operators that supply services necessary for the routing of calls made by customers of our services to their recipients.

Should the routing of calls to their recipient involve the transfer of data to third parties, this will be covered by existing interconnect agreements under current telecommunications legislation.

  • NUMINTEC may also transfer or communicate personal data in order to meet its obligations with the Public Administrations in cases which require an agreement with the legislation in force at any time and, when applicable, also to other bodies such as state security forces and bodies and to judicial bodies.

What are your rights when you supply us with your personal data?

At any time, you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion and portability of the personal data, and those of opposing and limiting the processing of the personal data collected by NUMINTEC.

Said rights may be exercised free of charge by the stakeholder, and, where applicable, by the person representing them, by means of a written and signed request, accompanied by a copy of their national ID or equivalent document that certifies their identity, sent to:

In the case of representation, it must be proven by means of documentation in writing and accompanied by a copy of the national identify card or equivalent document that certifies the identity of the represented party or other supporting documentation that is stated in the ARCO Rights section.

In addition to the above-mentioned rights, the stakeholder will have the right to withdraw the request granted at any time through the previously described procedure, without said withdrawal affecting the lawfulness of the processing prior to this withdrawal. NUMINTEC may continue processing the personal data of the stakeholder to the extent that it is permitted by the applicable law or there remains any other legitimisation that justifies it.

Specifically in the case of the service for the sending of commercial communications, the stakeholder has the right to withdraw at any time the consent provided for the sending of commercial communications by notifying NUMINTEC that they do not wish to continue receiving said communications. To that end, the stakeholder may either withdraw their consent in the manner described in the previous section or click on the link included in each commercial communication, thus cancelling the sending of electronic commercial communications.

NUMINTEC reminds the stakeholder that they have the right to file a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority (Spanish Data Protection Agency).

What security measures do we apply to your personal data?

In order to safeguard the security of your personal data, please be informed that we have taken all the technical and organisational measures necessary to ensure the security of the personal data supplied from its alteration, loss, and unauthorised processing or access.

Specifically, NUMINTEC’s Information Security Management System is certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

Updating your data

In order for us to keep your data updated, it is important that you inform us whenever there has been any change to it, otherwise we shall not be responsible for its accuracy.

Amendment to the Privacy Policy

NUMINTEC may amend its Privacy Policy in accordance with the applicable legislation at any time. In any case, you will be duly notified of any change to the Privacy Policy so that you remain informed of the changes made in the processing of your personal data, and, should this be required by the applicable regulations, so that the stakeholder may grant their consent.