Quality and Information Security policy

We are a global telecommunication services company, we hold an operator’s licence and specialise in the management of smart communication and personalised corporate services in cloud computing technology.

  • The cornerstones of our quality and information security policy are:
  • Covering our customers’ needs and delivering communication services that fulfil the applicable regulations.
  • Obtaining maximum customer satisfaction and applying the philosophy of ongoing improvement in all our activities.
  • Offering a flexible and professional service in all our activities and proposals to our customers.
  • Promoting training, awareness-raising and motivation among all our personnel by means of active participation and team work.
  • Guaranteeing ethical conduct in all our activities and fostering the implementation of corporate social responsibility and equal opportunities.
  • Protect the environment and prevent contamination through the efficient use of our resources and the proper management of any waste generated.
  • Apply all the necessary safety measures to guarantee the availability of the services provided to our customers and the confidentiality and integrity of all information managed.

    This policy is complemented by our annually-approved quality and information security objectives.

    Approved by: Albino Campo DC-005 Rev. 05 (October 2021)