Responsible Declaration

D. ALBINO CAMPO, with DNI number 40.977.520-F, proxy of the company NUMINTEC COMUNICACIONES, S.L, with registered office in 08007-Barcelona, c. Diputació, 279-283, entl. 2a, and with CIF B-63003636, by means of the present document,

  1. That, having implemented the company’s Regulatory Compliance Programme, NUMINTEC COMUNICACIONES, S.L, reiterates its clear, manifest and firm commitment to compliance with the rules of competition defense.
  2. That, NUMINTEC COMUNICACIONES, S.L. reiterates its commitment to promote regulatory compliance in relation to the competition defense.
  3. That, NUMINTEC COMUNICACIONES, S.L reiterates its commitment to make antitrust a cultural element integrated within the company, becoming a central element in the decision making and relations with third parties.
  4. That, NUMINTEC COMUNICACIONES, S.L. reiterates its commitment, among other measures, to carry out controls and procedures aimed at preventing and avoiding the commission of crimes related to fraud and corruption, promoting the defense of competition, this not only being a legal obligation, but a central element of the culture of this company and its responsibility to its customers, suppliers, and consumers in general.
  5. NUMINTEC COMUNICACIONES, S.L. and its senior management, hereby make a clear, firm and public statement, addressed to all employees and accessible to them, underlining the company’s commitment to compliance with antitrust rules.

I take this opportunity to salute you,
Yours sincerely

Representative of the company NUMINTEC COMUNICACIONES, S.L.

Numintec a Telavox Company

CIF: B-63003636

c/. Diputación, 279, Entlo. 2ª

08007 Barcelona