Article by José María Torres in EXPANSION: “Companies with values”

The economic newspaper EXPANSIÓN publishes an article of Numintec’s executive president José María Torres in which he defends that “companies have to change their vital objective of making money by creating wealth, making ethics synonymous with profitability.” Torres also adds that “business must be at the service of society and generate products that create jobs”.

Expansión Catalunya 130717 (IN SPANISH)

“Business Ethics Contributes to Success”, article by José María Torres in ‘Pime al Dia’

The blog “Pime al” publishes an article of the executive president of Numintec José María Torres on business ethics. According to Torres, “only with the commitment to the environment and people can we build a solid foundation for developing the best and most competitive organizations, products and services for increasingly competitive markets, but also more sensitive to everything that has to do with Business ethics, values ​​and respect for society and people.”


Numintec, PIMEC Foundation prize for company values

Numintec received last night the PIMEC Foundation prize for company values ​​at the 30th edition of the SME awards organized by the Catalan employers’ organization of micro, small and medium enterprises PIMEC in recognition of the best business initiatives developed in Catalonia during 2016.

Pimec awarded Numintec in recognition of the support for the awareness of the second business opportunity; the policies of personal, family and work reconciliation; the promotion of equality between men and women; the promotion of communication and internal activities; prevention of occupational hazards; caring for the environment; continuing education; the promotion of student practices and the commitment to actions of solidarity and support to culture.







According to Numintec CEO José María Torres, “the true competitive advantage of a company lies in values, which must be transferred to all members of the organization banishing the selfish practices of recent years that have led us to the global crisis which we all know”.

The PIMEC awards ceremony took place last night at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona at a dinner whose collection will go to the solidarity-second-opportunity program, an accompanying service to entrepreneurs and freelancers who are unemployed or in difficulties, and which has already served more than 800 people.

“Why companies with values ​​continue to be lacking”, article in EXPANSION

The economic newspaper Expansión publishes an article on why companies with values ​​continue to be lacking with the opinions of Numintec’s president José María Torres. Torres believes that “society demands increasingly more transparency and more honesty” and adds that “companies must have a social and environmental responsibility, and money has to be a means, not an end.” The Expansion article also highlights the case of the short film ‘El Corredor’, Goya for Best Fiction Short Film in 2016 produced by Numintec.

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