Office24 contracts Numintec’s cloud-based telephony solution

Office24 is relying on Numintec’s cloud-based telephony solution to improve their call center and be more efficient when it comes to receiving and managing orders. With the integration with their current CRM of the company SAI (“Interactive Access Systems”) allows them to receive calls and manage them automatically from the same CRM. In addition, they have also opted for the mobility of their workers with the CloudSoftphone solution, which allows them to take their extension to their mobile phone through an App and be available to all their customers from anywhere.

Office24 is a leading company in Europe in the supply of office equipment, school materials and furniture for companies. Mainly, they offer Pay As You Go programs, printing services, graphic design and recycling of consumables, paper, batteries and electronics. For this reason, they have a wide range of products and more than 20,000 references that cover almost any need in different types of companies and sectors.


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