Numintec Portugal team inaugurates new office!

In recent years Numintec has grown a lot, and our Portuguese office has become smaller and smaller, so we decided to move forward and locate ourselves in a new, larger and more modern space, which allows us all to coordinate better and continue to provide solutions to even more customers.

Now that we’re settled in the new office we thought, what better way to share this good news than with our community! A new phase begins here, which we face with great enthusiasm, excitement and with the nerves that precede any great change.  We hope to share many more updates like this over time.



“Failure is highly stigmatised, and this leads to a loss of talent” – An interview with José María Torres for El Punt Avui

In this interview for El Punt Avui, Torres explains how he devotes part of his time to promoting a second chance for entrepreneurs drowned in debt.



You were world champion in karate but then you became an entrepreneur. Is it hard to get back on your feet?
When you’re into elite sport you live in a bubble; within your world you’re well known, but when this world ends you have to start from scratch. Many athletes have a hard time because they don’t know how to adapt to the new life. I had the one taught me about martial arts, the culture of effort and perseverance. I went back to school, signed up for a business management course. I started a new life in technology.

Telecommunications have nothing to do with karate.
No, but in the end in a company the important thing is to have a good team, to know your limitations, to know how to delegate and take advantage of your talent.

When you decided to reinvent yourself, you threw all the trophies away. Did you have to be so radical?
It was a way to start over, like when I started karate at the age of 12. I started as a white belt at another stage of my life, breaking with the past.

In the business world, have you won so many awards?
Our communication platform has been recognized as the best in Europe for technological advances. This past year we were given an award that was very important to me, for social values. Companies are here to generate wealth, not to make us rich. The benefits we generate must be returned to society. It makes me very happy to be able to dedicate them to social issues.

Many entrepreneurs don’t do so well on the first attempt.
When I began to collaborate with the Pimec Foundation I knew desperate cases of people who had lost everything. To help them, we pushed for the first second-chance state law, which came out in 2015, when the first law in the United States was in 1898. We are now working on the draft European directive, not just for entrepreneurs but for the whole world. Some people lose their homes and have debts for life. These people are condemned to the black economy, to social exclusion or to living on social benefits that we all end up paying for together. The way they get out of this fish that bites its tail is to be forgiven for their debts and to be able to enter the production process again. Failure here is highly stigmatised, and this causes talent to be lost, when, in fact, all the large American multinationals we know, especially the technological ones, have emerged after previous failures. With Spanish legislation all these companies would not exist, many people would have been sunk forever and ever.

Why do businesses fail?
If we talk about the years of crisis, a third of the small companies that closed down were because of the nonpayments of the larger companies. The law says that companies have to pay within 60 days and they still pay after 500 days. There are other companies that close because the project is not good, but this does not have to be an excuse because the entrepreneur cannot develop another project. You have to work from the schools; making mistakes is normal, because if you don’t, there is no learning. When an idea fails, the project fails, but not the person, and the talent must continue to be used.

Is entrepreneurship still poorly encouraged?
We’ve been getting better and better. In Catalonia there are many organisations that do a lot in this field. More must be done with the second chance for those who fail; let them be forgiven for their debts as soon as possible.

You produced a short film,’The Runner’, to raise awareness about the need for a second chance.
It was the most awarded short film in the history of Spanish cinema. It has been seen around the world and in many business forums. This makes everyone aware of the need for indebted people to have their debt forgiven without perverting the payment culture. We’re always talking about honest people who open their doors in good faith.

Will you come back with another cultural project?
We are working on a global project on child protection that we will present at the UN. The second chance starts with the children. Creativity must be encouraged and they must be taught to lose their fear of failure. It is a song that we have written in the six official languages of the UN because it is sung by famous artists from all over the world. There is also a short film about immigrant children and a book that will bring a game, so that it can be used in schools to teach children to appreciate the culture of effort from an early age. We want UN states to devote more resources to child protection. That is why we will try to get the majority of NGOs around the world to support the project..

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Numintec present at the ‘Ben Fet!’ strategic reflection day

On June 18, Numintec participated in the strategic reflection day for companies with the ‘Ben Fet’ label organized by PIMEC and IESE, which was attended by more than 50 companies from all over Catalonia.

The ‘Ben Fet!’ label, held by Numintec, is a brand that certifies the origin and traceability of Catalan products and services and promotes their consumption both nationally and internationally. The brand awareness campaigns project the products and services they offer as quality benchmarks, which helps them sell more and grow both in Catalonia and around the world.

During the day, the digital transformation and the perspectives on the future of work were analyzed, and a networking session was also held, in which companies were able to elaborate a decalogue of future opportunities that includes ideas and proposals to improve the future actions of SMEs. The document is available for download (in Catalan) at this link.

How can you leverage cloud technology in your business? From ‘what’ to ‘how’.

By Isidoro Sánchez, technical director of Numintec.

In 1997 Steve Jobs made the following reflection after his return to Apple: “I don’t need a hard drive on my computer if I can get to the server fast. At that time when we were talking about computers, we got lost with data about gigabytes, megahertz, disks and devices. The cloud allows us to forget all this and talk directly about needs and services, isolating them from the technology that supports them.

It is clear to all of us that our company must be “uploaded” to the cloud or at least take advantage of this technology that is so widely talked about.

“Uploading” the company to the cloud is not just a change in technology, but a change in the way we work and interact internally and with our customers. The advantages of uploading to the cloud are many but the difference is in how we make our company benefit from it.

The first thing we try to do when we want to “upload” our company to the cloud is to replicate exactly what we have. In other words, we move servers and equipment from our infrastructure to the network of a third party, virtualizing our desktops and disks on the Web. In short, the day after being “uploaded” to the cloud everything remains the same.

Before deciding which tools to use, we should consider how we can maximize the benefits of the cloud:

1 – Teamwork and collaboration culture
Let’s make the most of the tools that the network offers us, making the people in the organization really work as a team. An example of this is not sending a document for review but rather sharing, commenting and working on the same document, obtaining a single definitive version quickly.

2 – Disconnect people from their “location”
We can count on any member of our team immediately and wherever you are. Cloud technologies allow us to easily meet on the web, share work and use the same tools.

3 – Untying our services from operating systems and devices
Our company and our employees must always be able to work, wherever they are and whatever device they have. For this reason, it will be very helpful to base work applications on WEB interfaces that allow us to work from a tablet or from an Internet café.

4 – Information available in real time
The information collected by each member of an organization must always be available to the company from anywhere. This information must be secure and it must be possible to immediately remove access from those who no longer need it. The key is that even if there is nothing on the device of any member of the organization you can access everything you need. In short, if someone takes a PC from the company they won’t find anything inside.

Finally, we will know if we are considering a successful migration to the cloud with a very simple test: if we change the computer of any member of our company, it should be able to work immediately without installing anything and without missing anything.

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New product: NuminBot, Numintec’s chatbot

NuminBot’s mission is to have a conversation with a person in order to be able to answer the most frequently asked questions, in other words, a software that imitates conversation with people using artificial intelligence, something that, when used effectively in companies, can speed up processes and prevent users from leaving the website while encourages them to buy or contract a service.

NuminBot is the perfect alternative for users who don’t like to make calls or surf the web for minutes, and the best part is that it’s very easy to implement, at first you just have to teach him to answer the most common questions and little by little he will naturally learn to answer more questions.

Would you like to talk to NuminBot?

Click on the link below and then on ‘Send Message’.

Office24 contracts Numintec’s cloud-based telephony solution

Office24 is relying on Numintec’s cloud-based telephony solution to improve their call center and be more efficient when it comes to receiving and managing orders. With the integration with their current CRM of the company SAI (“Interactive Access Systems”) allows them to receive calls and manage them automatically from the same CRM. In addition, they have also opted for the mobility of their workers with the CloudSoftphone solution, which allows them to take their extension to their mobile phone through an App and be available to all their customers from anywhere.

Office24 is a leading company in Europe in the supply of office equipment, school materials and furniture for companies. Mainly, they offer Pay As You Go programs, printing services, graphic design and recycling of consumables, paper, batteries and electronics. For this reason, they have a wide range of products and more than 20,000 references that cover almost any need in different types of companies and sectors.


COACB relies on Numintec’s solution to upgrade their telephony system

At Numintec, we continue to focus on the implementation of our cloud telephony solution in the Official Schools of Barcelona. In this case, the COACB (Colegio de Agentes Comerciales de Barcelona) has relied on Numintec’s solution to upgrade their telephony systems with very different technological functionalities. One of the main objectives of the COACB is to improve the loyalty of its members through the intelligence in the calls received and the approach with the member. They have also decided to rely on Numintec to continue to help them improve their infrastructure and Internet connections.

The Colegio Oficial de Agentes Comerciales de Barcelona (COACB) is a registered association with its own personality jurídica, established on 1926 and protected by the Professional Associations Act. With its extensive experience, it has consolidated its position as a reference point for commercial agents of Catalonia.

“A challenge for the future, towards an inclusive capitalism”, by José María Torres

José María Torres, Executive President of Numintec, has written this opinion article for the May issue of Catalunya magazine published by El Economista.

It talks about the work of controlling the excessive and growing power of the oligopolies, which will entail a furious battle against these vested interests, and the really important role that SMEs and the self-employed will play in this change.

You will find the full article on page 18 of the link below:

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Digital Transformation Conference with Dropbox and Plantronics

The new opportunities that arise thanks to technology are within the reach of all companies but involve changes in process management. During the conference held on 23 May at the NH Collection Hotel in Madrid, attendees had the opportunity to learn about the keys to success and to begin to apply them in a simple and effective way.

Montse Pérez (Management Assistant at Numintec), Marc Tubau (IT Expert Engineer at Numintec) and Juan Sañudo – Lasagabaster (Distribution Account Manager at Plantronics) were in charge of the presentations on the integration of Numintec tools with Dropbox and the new workspace. Finally we finished with a draw to win Plantronics products, congratulations to the winner!

We would like to thank Ingram Micro for sponsoring this event. Ingram Micro helps companies maximize the value of the technology they manufacture, sell or use. With its large global infrastructure and its focus on the cloud, it allows it to operate more efficiently and successfully in the markets.

Agencia Fernández de Sola expands 61 extensions at its headquarters in Barcelona

The Fernández de Sola Agency, a leading company in the national and international freight forwarders and customs brokers sector, is in the midst of a phase of expansion, and this past month they have increased their staff by 61 new agents.

AFS’ line of business is based on the application of the latest logistics technologies and the mastery of information sources, combined with a team of people who are focused on providing the best service to their customers. For this reason, they have also decided to improve their relationship with Numintec, which will provide each of the new agents with the necessary extensions to enable the management and monitoring of incoming and outgoing communications services for Voice, Video, SMS, Chat and many other advantages.

These solutions will allow them to continue offering their services with maximum reliability and quality assurance. All this accompanied by an excellent customer service and total control of goods thanks to their online service.