ZINVOX is already in the Zoho CRM market

Good news for Zoho lovers! Finally, our Zinvox solution for Zoho CRM is already on the Zoho market, any customer can integrate it in our system. From today on, you can use the Zoho CRM phone bridge integrated in the NUMINTEC system!

Zoho PhoneBridge connects telephony and contactcenter systems with the Zoho solution suite in a very simple way.

The Zoho PhoneBridge feature also makes it easy for contact center agents to quickly access important details about customers and potential customers. With this feature, Zoho CRM provides a platform for managing incoming and outgoing calls. Not only that, it reminds you of scheduled calls and also identifies the caller and provides their details to the customer’s record in Zoho CRM.

The integration of Zoho CRM with Zinvox contributes to improving the experience of your customers. By using the notification screen of the incoming call, the clickable dial and the automatic registration of received and outgoing calls, you can reach a more personalized management, increasing the degree of loyalty and avoiding the loss of business opportunities.

Any Zoho user in the world can find us if they are looking for telephony integrations and soon we will also be in the Zoho helpdesk tool. Such a good news!

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