Condis bets on the Numintec Contact Center platform

The supermarket company Condis has chosen the Numintec Contact Center solution that allows the management of incoming and outgoing communications services operating 100% in cloud computing and paying for use and not for investment. In addition, the contact center platform of Numintec has been integrated with the management tools of Condis.

On the other hand, with the contact center in the cloud the telephony and the computer services of Condis are part of the same data network, thus sharing the common information, improving the management and productivity of the company. All this with guaranteed security with redundant data and monitored 365 days a year.

The contact center platform of Numintec also allows Condis to have advanced statistics and real-time monitoring of calls, creating incoming call flows, welcome logs, menus to derive calls to different agents and departments or sending from voice messages to email, among other applications.

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